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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

PAMOJA CBO hosts many activities throughout the vocational school located in Holo to impart essential skills and open doors to sustainable economic opportunities. These courses and workshops take place at Kitmikayi Technical Training Institute and our Youth Centre in Holo. This endeavor was made possible  through the generous support of the Henry Jackson Foundation.

  1. Hair and Beauty Salon: Offering services and training for aspiring beauty professionals to foster entrepreneurship.
  2. Soapmaking: Master the art of soap production and gain insights into entrepreneurship.
  3. Brickmaking: This initiative not only provides a valuable skill set but also contributes to community development through sustainable construction practices.
  4. Photography and DJ Courses: Learn the nuances of photography or DJ’ing and build a foundation for potential careers in these dynamic fields.
  5. Bakery: Through hands-on training, participants master the art of baking and entrepreneurship skills to provide their baking services in the community.

Deliver economic strengthening activities to increase skilled worker capabilities within the community and improve financial independence.

6. Reusable Sanitary Pads Workshop: Students gain valuable sewing skills and promote sustainable, eco-friendly practices in feminine hygiene.

7. Car Washing for Girls: Our car washing program provides training in vehicle cleaning and maintenance. This initiative challenges stereotypes by allowing our girls to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Target beneficiaries: DREAM Girls, AGYW, Boys & Young Men, and Caregivers Duration: Since 2023