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Global Learning and Service​

Global Learning and Service

Pamoja Community-Based Organization (CBO) is committed to fostering productive collaborations with esteemed academic institutions, research establishments, and international governmental bodies to facilitate student and volunteer exchanges. Over the years, we have established fruitful partnerships with universities across the United States, Canada, Germany, and Denmark, as well as with the U.S. Peace Corps. These partnerships have enabled us to conduct impactful research, provide valuable support for elective and practicum courses, and engage volunteers in our field projects. 


Through these collaborations, we aim not only to enhance the learning experiences of participating by providing students and volunteers with education and international learning exposure through community service but also to enrich our own organizational capacity. Our students and volunteers actively contribute to various interventions, including Biomedical intervention, behavioral interventions economic empowerment, caregiver group meetings, the implementation of our reusable pads workshop, community-based advocacy for girls’ rights, as well as participation in our planting and nutrition programs.

We invite you to meet our volunteers from various countries! Explore some of their testimonials to gain insight into their experiences:

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