Pamoja Youth Center.

We have designed a whole-of-society response to mental health strains, which discretely spiraled
in the wake of COVID-19 resulting in a constantly deteriorating mental health impact.

Program Details

Past trends have demonstrated the impact of mental health interventions on productivity and life expetancy of chosen populations. The importance of integrating social efforts to achieve optimal economic productivity is therefore unavoidable.

By providing unrestricted access to mental health awareness and access, Pamoja Youth Center is able to provide a perfect avenue for victims who are both willing or unwiling to come out of their shell to passively or actively interact with similar or distinct stories that enable them to take an extra step on their journey towards self compassion and recovery.

The Pamoja Youth Center Facilitation Team would like to assure all partners, external actors and participants of exclusive and value driven content even as we continue seeking to make the world more accomodative and habitable.