Empowering Girls in Decision making.

Amplify the voices of girls to be part of decision making & leadership processes.

Program Details.

She Leads is an initiative of Plan International Netherlands (PIN), Defence for Children - ECPAT the Netherlands (DCI-ECPAT), African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), and Terre des Hommes the Netherlands (TdH).

The implementation of the project of the project will be in seven counties in Africa, 2 countries in the Middle East and on regional and international level.

The She Leads consortium aims to increase sustained influence of girls and young women (GYW) on decision-making and the transformation of gender norms in formal and informal institutions.

Despite the existence of a progressive constitution coupled with other legal and policy frameworks, girls and young women, continue to suffer marginalization in all spheres of life , denying them an opportunity to realise their full potential. The main driver of this challenge is negative social norms coupled with weak implementation of policies and laws.

She Leads seeks to address the above challenges by engaging in lobby and advocacy at national level and international level in close coordination with She Leads consortium partners to ensure that GYW perspective are included in gender responsive laws, policies and societal norms and practices at county, national, regional and international levels.

Partner: Plan International Kenya.

Target beneficiaries: Girls and young women between ages 14-24 years, victims of social exploitation, sexual minority and PWDs, teen others and girls out of school: boys and men.

Duration: Since 2021 (2nd year of operations.

Objective: Increased & sustained influence of Girls and Yong Women on gender norms and in decision-making in formal and informal institutions.

Key Accomplishments:

The Program has successfully supported 300 girls and young women in Kisumu West & Seme Sub-counties to be able to lobby for resources and create their own spaces through mentorship and coaching in the past 1 year.

Through advocacy, 300 in 1 year girls have benn engaged and referred for mentorship - Kisumu West and Seme Subcounties.

For 150 USD, you can support lobby and advocacy exercises for girls who need and facilitate referrals and linkages to requisite support groups.


1. Targeting government - Policy issues - Inclusion and meaningful participation of Girls and Young Women.

2. Civil Society organizations with the aim of creating space for Girls and Young Women.

3. Communities - Discriminative practices that hinder participation of girls and young women.

4. Strengthening linkages with individuals nd groups to partner for direct services - sanitary, fee(all levels), leadership training & coaching facilitation.

Fascinating facts:

Lobbying and advocacy - Challenging norms - the things the community values most - reception among boys and men indicates lack of readiness to let go of norms.

Girls have demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in taking lead in advocating against issues affecting upon completion of the sensitization program.

Girls are more aware and conscious of their lobbying spaces and their role in engaging the community in forward facing discussion aimed at their wellbeing.

Current Numbers

HTS - 15,904

School Fee - 2730

Dignity Pack - 8421

Contraceptive - 2570

School Uniform - 3077

PrEP - 2966

Combine socio-economic - 2554


Wicklife Orero - Project Officer

Sylvia Odhiambo- Ward Coordinator (OVC)

Merab Magak - Ward Coordinator (DREAMS)

Irene Were POC - PrEP and GBV