Supporting children & adolescents affected/infected with HIV/AIDS.

Regular HIV testing, treatment, monitoring and care for children living with HIV can enable them to live long and fulfilling lives.

Program Details.

Seme and Kisumu West Sub-Counties are some of the areas that have been adversely affected by the HIV pandemic in Kisumu County. Poverty levels are also rife with the majority of the families, more so children, bearing the greatest brunt.

The overall goal of Orphans and Vulnerable (OVC) programming is to build the resiliency of families and children affected by HIV and AIDS so that they can meet their health, economic, education, and social development needs.

PEPFAR-funded programs must prioritize interventions for “…children who have lost a parent to HIV/AIDS, who are otherwise directly affected by the disease, or who live in areas of high HIV prevalence and may be vulnerable to the disease or its socio-economic effects.”

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project was introduced in Seme by Henry Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) as the funder in 2013. The project focuses on the following domains:

Healthy- This domain includes interventions to support the achievement of health outcomes, build health and nutrition knowledge and skills in caregivers, and facilitate access to key health services especially HIV testing, care, and treatment services to enable vulnerable children, especially girls, stay HIV free.

Stable- This domain includes interventions that reduce economic vulnerabilities and increase resiliency in adolescents and families affected by and vulnerable to HIV.

Safe- This domain includes interventions to prevent and mitigate violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of children and adolescents, including sexual and gender-based violence.

Schooled- This domain includes interventions to support children and adolescents affected by and vulnerable to HIV to overcome barriers to accessing education including enrollment, attendance, retention, and progression and/or transition. It also addresses vocational training in the case of some adolescents.